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The Beard Massage - the ultimate care for the beard -       $20                                                                                   

Pure essential oils are used to uplift the skin and revive the beard areas using Japanese and Swedish massage techniques. The shoulders and neck are massaged while the beard is being treated.

The Facial Massage - anti-aging for your facial skin -          $25

Facial massages help stimulate blood flow to the skin, lifts and firms the skin as well as TMJ and acne scars.


The Royal Massage   - a swedish inspired massage -            $65-$150


Rejuvenating. Relieves stress.                                                             

Reduces anxiety. Increases well-being

The complete total relaxation   




The Supreme Massage   - a deep tissue inspired massage - $85-$170


Therapeutic technique used to concentrate on specific areas of muscle tension

 Reduces muscle pain

Restores mobility

Increases vitality

The Stretch Massage   - a sports inspired massage -                       $65-$150


Stimulates lymphatic and circulatory systems

Improves range of motion

Reduces recovery time

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